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Career planning

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Objective:  SWBAT study, take Cornell Notes, and then create a 6-slide Power Point IOT demonstrate a knowledge of careers in environmental engineering---an important 21st century job area.



1.   Students will visit the websites below and take Cornell Notes

2.   Students will turn in Cornell Notes each day

3.   Students will use the Cornell Notes to create a PPT that includes the following

     a.   Slide 1:   Opening slide with name, class, teacher, title for your PPT (such as "What Does an Environmental Engineer Do?")

     b.   Slide 2:   Define and describe what an envionmental engineer does

     c.   Slide 3:    Define the job prospects or outlook for employment as an environmental engineer

     d.  Slide 4:    List some jobs that an environmental engineer might do or perform in the state of Maryland

     e.   Slide 5:   Explain why an environmental engineer is so important in our 21st century global society.   This is a "think about it" slide.

     f.   Slide 6:    Add you own final slide, which could list the resources used, or other pertinent infomation.

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